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Elk Grove Laguna Forums can help your business reach more customers in the area through Elk Grove's most viewed social media page, Elk Grove Laguna Forums on Facebook.  With over 39,000 followers and growing daily, EGLF has more than twice as many followers as all the other Elk Grove media pages combined.  Our post engagement is often 10 to 20 times that of our competitors, combined.  

We offer two ways to advertise on Facebook and one on our website.

On Facebook, we offer Per post or monthly. 

Our per post plan is $20 per post. You can choose the date and time of the post. You choose the content.  We can either share a post from your page or create a post, using photos, video or your website.  

Our monthly plan is $75 and that includes one post per week.  Same format as the per post plan. We can share posts from your page or create something. There is no contract. It is month to month.  

Print advertising is dying out. With online and social media, your posts go out instantly and you can see the results instantly. You can track the views. You can edit posts.  You can interact with people. 

On our news website, Elk Grove Laguna News, we offer a more traditonal type of block or banner ad. Elk Grove Laguna News has more readers than any other Elk Grove online news service. Here's post that compares local media websites.  

We have two types of ads. Block ads that appear on the left and right side of the page. Those are $50 each per month and are linked to your website. When the ads are clicked, viewers are taken to your website.

On the individual news stories, we offer banner ads embedded in the story.  Those are $75 per month. 

Here's a recent post where you can see the block ads on the side and the ads in post. The ads in the post are for Innogrove, Paintrite Pros and Scott Edwards Insurance

Missing 9 year old girl

If you have any questions, send us an email, or call 916-952-7114

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